I stumbled upon this post from Uncluttered about dealing with someone’s stuff after they passed. Unfortunately, this has been me for the past 4.5 years  (13 if you count my great-grandmother’s things).

Every time I try to bring up the subject with my grandmother, she throws a fit (yes, old people can have tantrums too) and cries which forces me to lay off. I tell her how holding on to their stuff cannot be healthy for anyone.

A few weeks ago she asked for my Mom’s table. I told her she can’t have her table until she gets rid of the one that she has.  After all, I had to sell quite a few of my things in order to have my Mom’s things in my apartment. She agreed and we will move it in the spring.

With the table out of the way, it will finally give me time to go through the rest of the things in storage and finally start to clean it out once and for all.