Explaining the Amazon Echo Dot to Nana

After over a year of dedicated service to Nana, (and the fact that her TV blew out,) I gave her my TV which cleared the way for me to upgrade to a Smart TV. I decided on getting a Fire TV, because I had the Fire Stick already attached to the TV now with Nana.

I took advantage of the President’s Day sales and decided on the Insignia 24″ Full HD TV.
What I didn’t realize was that it also came with a free Echo Dot, more specifically, the Echo Dot (3rd Gen, 2018 release) – Smart speaker with Alexa – Charcoal.

So when the deliveries were made, I had to explain what the dot does. I told Nana that it communicates like the “Simon Says” game. If you don’t say Alexa before, it won’t do anything.

Has anyone had to break down concepts or use an “old school” concept to explain modern life technology to an elder, or anyone else?


When a caregiver’s health becomes part of the equation

When caregiving for the elderly or for children, the last thing we think about is our own health, until something brings it to the forefront.

Then the question then becomes “Who will take care of me?” in addition to “who will take care of my loved one, while I deal with my health?”

Over the past few months, that has been the question that has been plaguing me. I am still trying to put the pieces together regarding my own health. For example, I did take some time last month (I can’t believe it’s September) and attended Blogher Healthminder.

Sure everyone has stepped up and offered help, but it’s still hard to hand over the reins. It will soon get to the point where it won’t be an option, so I need to make peace with that.


Its never too late to deal with the clutter

I stumbled upon this post from Uncluttered about dealing with someone’s stuff after they passed. Unfortunately, this has been me for the past 4.5 years  (13 if you count my great-grandmother’s things).

Every time I try to bring up the subject with my grandmother, she throws a fit (yes, old people can have tantrums too) and cries which forces me to lay off. I tell her how holding on to their stuff cannot be healthy for anyone.

A few weeks ago she asked for my Mom’s table. I told her she can’t have her table until she gets rid of the one that she has.  After all, I had to sell quite a few of my things in order to have my Mom’s things in my apartment. She agreed and we will move it in the spring.

With the table out of the way, it will finally give me time to go through the rest of the things in storage and finally start to clean it out once and for all.

Street Food USA

I’ve been watching Street Food USA to prepare for my next chapter. One of the vendors they featured, showed them caring for his father like I cared for my grandmother. I had my own reminiscing moment when I was helping Nana with her exercises with a rhyme from my childhood.

Nana was right: Earth Brite Natural Clay-Based Cleaner

There are many things I wish I could say to my Nana.

This time it’s about a TV shopping purchase we spat about for a few days. The Earth Brite Natural ClayBased Cleaner.

I finally had a free and clear weekend day, so I decided to clean the bathroom.

Earth Brite Natural Clay-Based Cleaner

I followed the directions and scrubbed the surfaces, taking less time than I thought.

I’m no longer dreading bathroom cleaning time.

I sometimes (but not always,) write about products I try. If I am so-called, I will write about it, and I might earn a commission if you choose to purchase it through the link in the post.

Downsizing before and after: Barbie Holiday Edition 2011

Mattel Holiday Barbie 2011 Doll

On the ultra cold Saturday morning, (at least where I’m at,) the Barbie Holiday Doll to Barbie Holiday Ornament downsizing continues.

Barbie 2011 Hallmark Ornament

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Downsizing Before and After Holiday Barbie Edition 2009

So, I’ve been doing some downsizing.
#DeclutterSaturdays #beforeandafter #downsizing #downsizingandminimizing #holidaybarbie #holidaybarbiedoll to #holidaybarbieornament #DeclutterMyLife #DeclutterWithMe #kidult

Before and After Dot

This is #NotAnAd.

I’ve been decluttering for a while.
I’ve been seeing the dot cards ads.

Before dot card

After Dot Card

Better late than never.

Of course, I shredded the old cards. I kept one copy of each card for the memories.

Is the tag still on?

I found this belt that I never wore. Yes the tag was still on it. I can’t blame Nana because this was a purchase I made years ago. My intentions was to donate it, but somehow, I gave it to someone who really appreciated it.

Sadness is Temporary #DailyCalm

I remembered Christmas Eve many moons ago. I would be on my way or already at Nana’s and Great-grandmother’s. The stove would be on overtime, preparing for the Chirstmas festivities. I would be watching every cartoon or Chirstmas movie one could find on TV.

Grief is something else, especially this year. I do feel lonely sometimes, but I know I’m not alone. I’m also fortunate to have a support system.

The only thing I can do is take each moment step by step and breath by breath.