Barbie Holidaze: Home for the Holidays

These Barbies have found new homes for the holidays. The shop is closed for the rest of the month, but we’ll be back in 2023. #Barbie #barbiedolls #holidaybarbie #holidaybarbies #barbieholidaze

Spring in Tokyo – Barbie World Cup Edition

Yes, I know that this isn’t Japanese Barbie. However, is it too early to give Japan an Honorable Mention in the World Cup?

Just in case you don’t know, the Japanese Fans have been cleaning up the stands after each match Japan has played in.

So to honor these fans, and their upcoming game, I’m posting this Barbie. Go Team Japan! 🇯🇵

It’s like riding a bike

Looks like I still know how to create a social media campaign.

This campaign is for Giving Tuesday. I created these banners as a volunteer project.

Rep your favorite country with a Barbie Doll

The World Cup is more than underway. We have seen some surprises and then some.

The Barbie Doll of the World collection has stood the test of time.

Consider getting a Barbie Doll. You’ll be supporting a small business that is women and black-owned. Plus you be making sure that they end up in good homes that they deserve.

Rep your favorite country with a Barbie Doll

3 VCRS Recycled and Gone

I finally released not one, not two, but 3 VCRs my mother had from nearly 20 years ago.

When I wasn’t looking, Nana took them from my Mom’s place and took them to her place.
Now that I’m settling into my new normal, I had a free afternoon and finally went to the store and recycled them.
I got tired of looking at them every day, plus I need to start organizing my own space in earnest.

#FlashBackFriday #declutter #recycle #recycleoldtech