A new month

I turned the calendar to a new month. It’s not just September, it’s been 4 weeks since she left.

I turned the calendar and my eye goes directly to September 8th. Grandparents Day. I had her long before there was a Grandparents Day. Now, it just stings.

Scavenger Hunt: The Devil Wears Prada Edition

Today is another edition of Scavenger Hunt.

It always happens every few days or at least weekly.
Someone asks about an item they haven’t seen since the 70s or 80s.

Before coming back from rehab, I had to declutter and rearrange a great deal in order for them to remain in their apartment.

So when I can’t find something right away, I am then public enemy number one.

Fashion collages for night club promo by Vasare Nar is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0

The reason I mention “The Devil Wears Prada” is because sometimes, our dynamic is like Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep.

There was the scene where Meryl Streep’s Character, sends Anne Hataway’s character through the East and West 70’s in search of a store, which turns out to be on 69th street.

This is exactly what goes on when I asked to find something that was “supposed” to be somewhere that ends up being somewhere else adjacent or across from where said items were supposed to be.

Does anyone else feel like this while they’re caring for someone else?

The Daily Trip Turned into Deja Vu

I’ve started my meditation journey in earnest almost 10 years ago. I was in ICU due to a brutal situation.

The therapist came into the hospital room and gave me an introduction to meditation. They had me turn to a station on the TV where there was a scene of greenery and a lake. I was encouraged to focus despite my hospital roommate “hosting” a party with family and friends.

Back to the present. Normally my Daily Calm listening involves the original Daily Calm and sometimes the Daily Jay. I accidentally pressed on the “Daily Trip”. It asked me to meditate with my eyes open. I haven’t done that since that time in the hospital.

I froze, but then I remember focusing my vision on that tiny screen and then it came back to me.

This became useful later today when I had to wait for some paperwork to clear. I had 7 minutes to sit with my eyes open. I then knew and understood why my Daily Trip was not an accident.

A household chore turns into a self-care message

Not an ad.
Nana has a lot of plants, and I do mean a lot. Every week or so, she asks about the status of a particular plant or plants where I need to take a picture of it on my phone and show proof that her plants have not been neglected. So far, my batting average has only been good with the cactus.

Photo by Stefano Photography on Pexels.com

I finally caved a brought one of those plant tracker apps.

I scan each and every one of here plants. Each recommendation for her plants was anywhere from 3 to 10 days.

The last plant that I scanned was the tiny one that I got from an organic store months ago myself. That recommendation was WATER EVERY DAY.

This hit deep. Being a caregiver and having other commitments, having time for myself comes in pockets of time. Finding time for myself has been a work in progress since the world made me elevate my role from remote caregiver to the primary caregiver.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com