Why do I need a reference number to get a thryroid songram?

I hate going to get examined. Everytime, I go its more red tape. The patient should not have to do all the administrative running around just to get an examination. I am so upset. I hope I don’t have anything serious and I might not know because of administrative paperwork.

Finally Received Cell Phone Service Refund Check

After my complaint to the Better Business Bureau about the treatment I received when inquiring about my mother’s refund, The cell phone company did send me the check. It *only* took four calls, 4 months and a BBB complaint. Thank goodness for the BBB.

Rouge Cell Phone Calls

I put another phone on my cell phone plan and gave it to my grand mother. I didn’t give the phone number out to anyone. Heck, I barely know it, and the phone rang 3 times. After saying “wrong number” several times, I called the cell phone company and requested a new phone number. The funny thing is that there still were still calls. Oy vey…

Cell phone company will not issue replacement refund check

I’d called T-Mobile, the cell phone company today to request a replacement check. I had to cancel my Mom’s cell phone service due to her passing a few months back. I could not cash it because I didn’t have her death certificate to go to the courts to get the administrator papers. All the Account Representative said was that there is nothing that can be done since the account is closed. I am therefore taking this to the Better Business Bureau.

The bank closed my accounts instead on my mother’s

My mother died a month ago. I called all the credit card companies to close her accounts. One bank, Chase closed my account by mistake. I was so upset that I contacted the Better Business Bureau to straigthen it out. My mom had a credit card from the bank, and I have checking, savings and a Roth IRA in the bank. It was very upsetting to see “ESTATE OF” my name, everytime I log on.

Fed Up, a few days later

We received your e-mail. Thank you for contacting Us. We apologize but for security reason, we are not allowed to disclose tracking numbers.

Fed Up, later that day

From the email I received…
“We apologize for the inconvenience. According to our records, we initially attempted
to deliver your package on July 23, 2005, but no one was available to sign for this
shipment. We typically makes three delivery attempts.”


Fed Up

The delivery person someone left a slip, but it didn’t
not have a tracking number on it. How am I supposed to reschedule a delivery without
a tracking number on it?